Crowdy head 2017/18 Nippers

Nippers and Age Managers Resources

Junior Activities or “Nippers” within Surf Life Saving originated in the 1960’s with the aim to provide a safe, wholesome learning experience for our youth and promote family participation and involvement in a sporting activity. This well-structured program is also the grassroots entry level for our Lifesavers of tomorrow. The program promotes surf safety awareness and encourages self-esteem and personal development.

Nipper Age Managers
Each age group is led by an Age Manager or Managers. This person has undergone an age manager induction program, is often qualified as an award holder within the senior club and is supported by a structured program developed by Hunter Surf Life Saving and supported by Surf Life Saving New South Wales. Sienna Elmar is the Director of the Junior Activities Group (JAG).

What happens on a Nippers Day?

The day begins at 9.30am for sign on/attendance registration.

Children must have their names marked on by their Age Manager when they arrive. Each child must also notify and have their parent/ carer sign them out at the conclusion of the day’s activities. It is preferred if at least one parent registers as an associate member for the season.

Children will be involved in events including; beach sprints, beach relays, flags, wading, surf swims, board paddling, iron man and board rescues. They will also enjoy fitness, sports, games and develop leadership skills as they get older.

Whilst competition results at each Nipper day goes toward the end of season tally, the emphasis at Crowdy Head is on participation, learning, enjoyment, and encouragement.

Helping out at Nippers
The more helpers we have the more efficiently Nippers can run and the more beneficial it will be for the children involved. There are a variety of ways in which you can help:
– Assisting Age Group Managers with weekly activities
– Assisting at the start and finish lines of each event
– Beach area set-up and pack-up

Remember that we are all volunteers and that many hands make light work. Any assistance is appreciated and children enjoy seeing mum or dad involved in activities in which they are participating. Anyone can assist.

Important Information for Nippers and their Parents
During Nippers activities all Nippers must wear club caps as a form of identification and to promote and encourage club morale. A pre-activity proficiency is also required before participation in ANY activity.

The age group in which a child will participate in club days or compete at carnivals is calculated as at midnight on 30 September. For example, if a child’s age at 30 September is 12 years, then the child will be in the U13 age group, while a child who turns 12 after the 30th September will be in the U12 age group.

Insurance restrictions prohibit registration of children under the age of 5 years.

All new registrations to the club will need to produce a birth certificate or similar.

Club Clothing
Club caps, swimmers, and clothing are available for sale. Our club colors are Green, Black, and White as per the cap shown. Most items are available for sale or ordering each Sunday during the Nipper season. Please contact Neolie Eady for further information.